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Established 2015

The History

In 2015 I was hit with the idea to infuse alcohol much like when I smoke a brisket or a pork shoulder. I experimented with different methods of smoke infusion and after a few taste tests, many people were asking me where they could buy it.

In 2016 I developed a method to infuse the smoke flavor in the whiskey. Trial and error brought me to a method that was just right.

After testing it at the bar I was convinced that this needed to be my life. I gave some to my co-workers and they loved it which started me on this journey.

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Branding & Marketing

Wright Distillery Consulting offers a unique integration of sales and marketing services for independent spirits brands in any stage of development of their growth process.

Our team is experienced with big brands yet we specializes in the conceptual stage of your brands – we are well aware of the challenges  and can manage all the phases of development, to include launch, growth, and more important expansion.

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Product & Brand Development

Wright Distillery creates brands and products based on our clients’ vision and what is relevant in the rapidly changing marketplace.

Focus Areas


brand services

Market Entry Strategy & Financial Planning

Having an outstanding product is not enough. We create an actionable strategy and realistic financial models to make sure you succeed. Many brands fail because they have not properly planned and budgeted.


brand services

Market Launch

Preparing your brand to enter or expand in the competitive U.S. market requires a combination of planning and in-depth industry knowledge.


Focus Areas

Sales, Marketing & Operations

Wright Distillery provides sales and brand management in key U.S. markets. Our integrated and phased model has been created specifically for independent brands.

Focus Areas

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Wright Distillery wants to hear about your project. Contact us for a complimentary customized assessment of your brand and the vision for growth and development of your brand.

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